Subaru Dealer Has the Best Comeback Ever to a Union Protest Sign

A little levity goes a long way

Someone at Subaru of Wichita knows how to make lemonade out of union-squeezed lemons.

Local union workers recently came out to protest the dealership with a large sign that read, "Shame on Subaru Wichita." The dealer then created its own banner that said: "For Having Unbeatable Prices."

"We fully support every American's freedom to exercise their First Amendment Rights, but when we disagree, we're going to exercise ours (and have fun at the same time). Stop by and see for yourself!" Subaru Wichita wrote on its Facebook page.

But there's more.

The protesters, chagrined, moved their sign to the right in an effort to break up the sentence. But the dealer added a comma to its sign and posted a new photo with the caption: "Don't hate, punctuate."

AdFreak spoke with Aaron Wirtz, marketing and media manager at Subaru Wichita, who said that in the past week, he's seen a 50 percent increase in Facebook likes and Twitter followers, and more than 20,000 YouTube views on videos about his sign.

See, trolling does work.