Stupid Mashed-Up Clothing Item of the Day: JorJeggings

Let's concede, for the sake of argument, that it's OK to pull new words out of thin air to name and/or sell products. Everybody does it. But this time, the fashion folks have gone too far. Sure, it was funny when they coined the term "junderpants" to describe a ridiculous pair of skin-tight skivvies made of denim. Now, though, there's something dubbed "jorjeggings," described as "city jeans boyfriend shorts." Try to keep up here—the moniker is a mashup of jeans, shorts, jeans (again), and leggings. The clothing item is every bit as stupid as the name, and Bloomingdale's (via manufacturer Hue) is hawking a pair for $28. Hearing about all this (hat tip to The Cut) made me think of Conan O'Brien's experiment with jeggings where he crammed his 6-foot-plus frame into a pair of the women's "pants" and did an entire episode of his late-night talk show in them (while presumably never breathing). Let's hope he doesn't find out about jorjeggings. 

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