Strongly worded letters don’t kill people

Our item last week about a Stop Handgun Violence billboard generated plenty of spirited debate. Today, we find a pro-gun group, the Second Amendment Foundation, taking aim (hey, the Boston Herald said it, too) at Boston Globe business columnist Steve Bailey for supposedly violating federal law in 2005 while researching an anti-gun column. The group fired off a letter to the Globe editor; it has not (yet) put up a 250-foot billboard. From a brand-image standpoint, I’m not sure the pro-gun folks want this kind of publicity. Frankly, it just reminds everyone how easy it is to buy handguns illegally and makes Bailey look way cooler and more crusading than he actually is. For me, the most intriguing detail is that he expensed the gun to the Globe—and then didn’t even keep it! No wonder the paper’s parent, The New York Times Co., is in financial disarray.

—Posted by David Gianatasio