Stride Gum Makes a Gaming App That You Control by Chewing

Put your jaws into it

"Everyone wants to control video game characters by chewing. Right? Right?!" Working off a brief that apparently read something like that, Stride Gum, Wieden + Kennedy London and Johnny Two Shoes have launched Gumulon, which uses the front-facing cameras of iOS devices to detect your mouth movements. By chewing, you can make a helmeted alien named Ace jump around to avoid the clutches of a prehistoric cave beast. Once Ace gets eaten, the camera take a shot of your crazily chewing face, which you can share on social media. (That's an improvement on the barf faces some party hearties like to send around.) Gumulon is available for free in the App Store because, really, who would pay for such a thing? It can also be played by tapping iPhone, iPad and iPod touch screens, so those with lockjaw won't miss out. Where will it end? Silicon Valley investors may soon be lining up to back Belchulon, SpitScreen! and Musical Toots—at all of which, by the way, I'd be unbeatable.