Stride gum hires ostriches to beat you down

Stride has a new mystery flavor, wittily called "Mega Mystery," but don't tell anyone what it tastes like. If you do, Stride will find you and, in typical Stride fashion, beat the crap out of you. Fortunately, JWT has dropped the earlier alpine theme. Now, instead of a goat, a yodeling troop or German wrestlers, you will be greeted by a pack of ostriches jockeyed by Stride executives bursting through your drywall, searching your underwear drawer and pecking you in the man-boob. In other words, it's not just amusing—it's literally pants-on-head bizarre. But unlike some other oddvertising, it does manage to get a selling point in there. Threats of ostrich beatdowns haven't stopped the foolhardy from guessing the flavor. From gummy worms to apple-pineapple twist, there's a lot of speculation. I suppose no one will know for certain until the unlucky blogger who figures it out is hospitalized with ostrich wounds.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers