Stride Gum Challenges You to Sit Mindlessly at Your Computer for Hours

Advertising as punishment continues with this cute-looking but utterly malevolent banner ad for Stride gum from JWT in New York. It's part of the agency's "Be Ridiculously Long Lasting" campaign, which involves various physical challenges. The goal here is to click and hold your mouse on the red circle and follow it around as it moves. Let go of the mouse button or stray outside the circle, and you lose. (Click "Try Again" to play if the banner has already cycled through.) The person who stays alive the longest gets their name in the banner until someone else beats them. (The banner is running on College Humor, Billboard, Comedy Central, and other sites.) There is no cash prize—it's just meant as a teaser for Stride's 100 records in 100 days contest, where you can actually win money (a whole $500). The current banner-ad leader racked up a time of 46 minutes. Yeah, someone sat there like a moron for 46 minutes, following this little red circle around. This is one of those times when you just know the human species is badly screwed. Previously in advertising as punishment: Burger King's Whopper Lust and Peugeot's click-and-hold online car game.