StrawberryFrog is up with thumbs

Cafeswitch We haven’t heard from put-ads-on-my-forehead guy recently, but it’s good to know that body parts as advertising vehicles are still in vogue. Next week, StrawberryFrog is employing people in several cities in England to have henna tattoos put on their thumbs to advertise Douwe Egberts’ Café Switch, in what may be the world’s first example of what the agency is calling “thumbvertising.” (You knew that would be the term, didn’t you?) Lest the thumbs get lost in the shuffle, the people who own the thumbs will be walking around with their digits up, while carrying a small banner that promotes the new coffee beverage. StrawberryFrog creative director Mark Chalmers tells the Guardian, “Thumbvertising raises a smile, is engaging, memorable and has a feel good factor that’s lacking in most modern advertising.” Not to mention that walking around with your thumbs up would look really weird. When we did a little further research on the product, we noticed something the Guardian failed to mention: Thumbs are integral to the use of Café Switch. Each package of the coffee has two pods which people are supposed to pump with their thumbs to make the contents frothy. Now this is beginning to make some sense.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor