StrawberryFrog exec publicly rips ex-staffer

Every company has been burned by a bad hire, sometimes one that goes comically wrong. Most chalk it up as a lesson learned and move on. Not so StrawberryFrog Amsterdam planning director Heather Lefevre. She's on a mission, in her words, to "remove a cancer from adland." The story goes that she hired a planner named Sam Ismail (above). It didn't work out. She accuses him of fabricating stories about family emergencies as excuses for not showing up to work—while continuing to post "casual, flippant tweets" on Twitter in his absence. StrawberryFrog cut ties with Ismail, according to Lefevre, but that wasn't enough. She started poking around in the planning community and assembled a dossier on Ismail. For his part, Ismail has posted a blog reply—this is so 2010!—agreeing he's done "stupid, reprehensible, abhorrent things." He says he's going to disappear for a while. It was certainly a bold move by Lefevre to post her dossier against Ismail, particularly as any legal department worth its salt would freak out over the potential liability of attacking a former employee publicly. Was she right to do it? UPDATE: Lefevre has now removed the Ismael post from her blog.