Storks are a lot like penguins, except cooler

Stork2’s stork spot has earned a rave review from Adweek‘s esteemed Barbara Lippert, and was only slightly less lauded by AdFreak’s slightly less esteemed Dave Kiefaber. (Face the facts, Dave!) Indeed, the folks at BBDO who crafted the ad will probably be charging onto the stage at Cannes. (Hopefully, this means they’ve won a Lion and are not simply drunk and causing trouble.) This moving tale of a stork and an office drudge who doesn’t live up to his potential has inspired none other than yours truly. It reminds me that I once had loftier career goals than amusing the creators of dancing robots. I’m getting back on the path to my true calling: I’m going to be an astronaut. Or a rock star. Whichever doesn’t have a strict height cut-off and requires the least knowledge of physics. Either way, I’ll wear a skin-tight silver suit and get high all the time. God bless you, Storky. We’re gonna make it this time!

—Posted by David Gianatasio