Stop what you’re doing, and go to Bojangles

Just when it looks as though BooneOakley's first work for Bojangles will fall flat by going the all-too-familiar, self-consciously wacky route, a police car runs down a mime! Who doesn't enjoy seeing those silent simpletons suffer, especially during Cannes week, when their pale-faced antics add to the surreal vibe on the Côte d'Azur? A world away from Cannes, Bojangles makes the most of a flimsy premise—highway arrests, marriage proposals and pregnancies are interrupted by insatiable Bojangles cravings—by tossing in lots of fun, silly details. (One spot is below; two more are posted after the jump.) The mime bit's the best, but also notable are the girly-man screams of the cops and the criminal as they race in the police cruiser to Bojangles, and the nonchalant Tasing of the goofy bad guy as they all burst through the restaurant's door. Will Bojangles be Tasing any mimes in upcoming spots? Let's hope so.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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