Stewart and Colbert Needle Brian Williams in Indecision 2012 Spot

Lighten up with Comedy Central's election coverage

Headshot of T.L. Stanley

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report have proven to be reliable sources of political analysis and news nuggets, so they don't need to sling mud at competitors, right? Sure, but it's funnier when they do. For its own style of attack ad, Comedy Central has been running two spots that take aim at the ubiquitous and charming NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams and the Internet as vastly inferior ways to gird for the upcoming presidential election. The better choice? Of course it's Stewart and Colbert's Indecision 2012 coverage. Ads will continue to roll out until Nov. 6, with the potshots likely to hit further below the belt as the race gets closer—save for those who prefer their negative ads served with a light touch and a punch line.

@TLStanleyLA T.L. Stanley is a senior editor at Adweek, where she specializes in consumer trends, cannabis marketing, meat alternatives, pop culture, challenger brands and creativity.