Steve Nash Proves That Prius Drivers Can Be Dicks, Too

Steve Nash, NBA player and Canadian, stars in two amusing new Toyota Prius spots in his homeland. They start off as your usual sports ads, with Nash talking about working hard and becoming a better person through determination. But they end with him being a dick sauce to an old lady and some kids. Clearly, the message is that you don't have to be a goody-two-shoes nice guy who loves the Earth, buys organic and does yoga and shit just because you own a Prius. The truth is, you can be just as big a douchebag in a Prius as you can in a Hummer H2. Of course, no one is fooled, as Nash is a famously nice guy, known for his philanthropy. But that aside, why would a car company want to point out that Prius owners can be jerks? Because Prius owners have a bad rap as smug, environmental-ier-than-thou type people. As a Prius owner, I can say there's also a bit of a scary, we're-all-saving-the-world-together cult aspect where random people come up to you and tell you about their Prius, some of them even swinging their dicks about by bragging about their Prii. Which is why these spots are so refreshing. I needed Toyota to get out there and tell the world that just because I'm driving a Prius doesn't mean you can cut me off in traffic. I will run your ass down and flip you off, even though it will totally blow my MPG for the trip. Second spot after the jump.