Stephen Fry Offers a Hilarious Guide to British Etiquette for Heathrow Airport

How to fit in right away

Heathrow Airport has gotten Stephen Fry, a well-known British person, to take the piss out of British manners.

The video below functions as both a guide to etiquette and a guide to British humor, as Fry, rather dryly, clues us in on the art of queuing (waiting in a line), talking almost exclusively about the weather, being awkwardly polite by suggesting others go first, cheering when glass breaks, and tutting (making a little disapproving sound).

Fry could probably fill 60 more videos on this topic, but it's a nice start. So whether you're arriving at Heathrow to experience the majesty of the country side, the majesty of Her Majesty, or Llanfair­pwllgwyn­gyllgo­gery­chwyrn­dro­bwll­llanty­silio­gogo­goch, you'll have a head start on understanding the peculiarities of this insular island culture.