Stephen Curry, Looking Back on His Life, Distills It All Down to One Lesson: Mental Resilience

Kaiser Permanente explores the athlete's highs and lows

'My mind is where every challenge I’ve faced is won or lost,' Curry says in the new ad. Kaiser Permanente
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There are probably a lot of reasons why Stephen Curry has gotten to where he is today—support from his family and friends, hard work, dedication and so on—but one of the most important things, at least according to new work from Kaiser Permanente, is his ability to train his mind, not just his body, to be strong.

In a new spot, “Wins and Losses,” viewers get a chance to see some of the highs and lows in Curry’s life and career. We see the Golden State Warriors point guard and two-time NBA MVP as a kid. He gets knocked down on the basketball court and has to get back up and keep going. We see his father, Dell Curry, being inducted into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame (and it’s really him, making a cameo in the spot.)

It all finally gets him to that high of all highs—winning the NBA championship trophy—but not without that strong mind of his to get him there. “My mind is where every challenge I’ve faced is won or lost,” Curry says. The spot closes with the line “Train the mind. The body will follow.”

The work, from agency Translation, is part of an ongoing partnership between Kaiser Permanente and Curry. The brand and athlete have worked together since 2016. Earlier this month, Kaiser Permanente rolled out “Curry Overcomes,” below, as a lead up to the new work, and last year the brand posted a series of five videos featuring Curry describing how he trains his mind:

“We want everyone to understand that mental health is part of your overall health, and that even the most athletic or the most successful people need to develop mental resilience to overcome challenges,” says Christine Paige, chief marketing executive of Kaiser Permanente. “The overall goal of this campaign is to promote mental health and wellness on a national stage.”

Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest integrated health system, hopes to use this body of work with Curry (and other athletes, including fellow NBA player Chris Paul) to end the stigma around openly discussing mental health.

The 30-second cut of the ad rolled out online today and will debut on broadcast tomorrow, running throughout the NBA playoffs. A 60-second version of the ad with even more of Curry’s life story will debut at a later date.


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@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.