Stephen Colbert Replaces Truth With Trump in Spoof of The New York Times’ Oscars Ad

The Late Show lampoons Droga5 spot

There won't be a Winter Storm Colbert this year.
Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Droga5’s ad for The New York Times that aired on theAcademy Awards is making waves—even the 45th president of the United States noticed it—so of course the late-night comedians have to use it as material. Enter Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show on CBS.

Using the exact style of “The Truth Is Hard,” Colbert’s 30-second parody swaps out truth for one-liners:

It’s an easy gag but a fun one. And The Late Show is, in fact, promoting something with the fake ad: It wants people to tune in after President Trump speaks to Congress on Tuesday night.

For what it’s worth, Droga5 declined to comment.