Step Aside, Waifs. Ronda Rousey Is Carl’s Jr.’s Newest Sandwich-Devouring Ad Star

Brand is into defying expectations these days

For years Carl's Jr.'s spots have had a consistent formula: Take one beautiful and scantily clad model that would probably never eat Carl's Jr., add a few double entendres that highlight the model's attributes, then mention the sandwich a few times.

But lately the brand seems to be playing with consumers' expectations, and it's quite fun. 

Instead of the usual waifish model, the brand has now tapped undefeated MMA champion Ronda Rousey to introduce its Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Breakfast Sandwich.

Here 72andSunny takes the public perception of Rousey—a merciless fighter known for her lightning-fast KOs—and then shifts to showing her lighter side. (You don't have to look much farther than Rousey's recent Reddit AMA to see how charmingly nerdy she can get when she starts talking Pokemon and video games.)

And yes, playing up the sex appeal of a a female fighter could be seen as a less than progressive stance, especially for a brand with Carl's Jr.'s reputation. But the ad shows several sides of Rousey, making it clear that she, like most human beings, doesn't fit into any convenient stereotype.

Plus, it's nice to see an ass-kicking spokeswoman who can actually take a bite out of the food they're meant to be selling.


Client: Carl's Jr.

Chief Executive Officer: Andy Puzder

Chief Marketing Officer: Brad Haley

Senior Vice President, Product Marketing: Bruce Frazer

Director of Advertising: Brandon LaChance

Vice President, Field Marketing, Media and Merchandising: Steve Lemley

Director, Product Marketing and Merchandising: Christie Cooney

Product Director: Kathy Johnson

Agency: 72andSunny

Chief Creative Officer: Glenn Cole

Group Creative Directors: Justin Hooper, Mick DiMaria

Creative Directors: Tim Wettstein, Mark Maziarz

Senior Designer: Gabo Curielcha

Senior Writer: Chad Goodnoe

Group Strategy Director: Matt Johnson

Strategy Director: Kasia Molenda

Strategist: Eddie Moraga

Group Brand Director: Alexis Coller

Senior Brand Manager: Scott Vogelsong

Brand Coordinator: Anthony Fernandez

Director of Film Production: Sam Baerwald

Executive Film Producer: Molly McFarland

Senior Film Producer: Juliet Diamond

Junior Film Producer: Kira Linton

Film Production Coordinator: Taylor Stockwell

Business Affairs Director: Amy Jacobsen

Business Affairs Manager: Maggie Pijanowski

Business Affairs Coordinator: Calli Howard

Public Relations: Coast Public Relations

Founder, Chief Executive Officer: Jeanne Beach Hoffa

Group Director: Melissa Penn

Director: Kate Franklin                                                 

Production Company: Wondros                                      

Director: Chris Applebaum                                  

Executive Producer: Timory King                                            

Head of Production: Doron Kauper

Producer: John Hardin                                                                                          

Editing: Whitehouse Post                            

Editor: Paul LaCalandra                                    

Executive Producer: Joni Williamson                                          

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