Stella Shows You the Nine Steps to the Perfect Pour

Mother ad is instructional, delightfully campy

Stella Artois continues its fetishizing of the perfect pour with this video by Mother London that demonstrates the nine steps to getting a perfect glass of Stella. In it, a well-accented woman guides you through each marvelously named step in the process: the Purification, the Sacrifice, Liquid Alchemy, the Head, (Since My Grandmother Was a Child and You Were Carbon Atoms) the Removal, the Skim, the Judgment, the Cleansing, and the Bestowal. Despite the obsessive manner in which Stella has broken down the beer-pouring process into a high-class ritual, the video brings random humor and delightful '60s camp to what might have turned out to be a bombastic reflection on an overblown process. It manages to seem current while staying true to the brand's recent obsession with the campy, womanizing '60s. If you've gotta objectify women to sell beer (and the funny ending here is that your lovely bartender has a twin sister named Maudrey), you might as well set your objectification in a time period where it was more acceptable.