Stella Artois Created a Giant Mural of Naked People to Sell Beer

The billboard continues the brand's 'Au Naturel' campaign promoting Unfiltered lager

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … is that a naked person?

Outdoor advertising can be easy for passersby to tune out, but Stella Artois has ensured it grabs attention with a giant mural on a building in London that features a nude man and woman drinking its Unfiltered lager. The artwork cleverly plays with the architecture by positioning the characters on a wall where windows cover up their private parts.

This is a continuation of Stella Artois’ “Au Naturel” campaign, which began last year to promote the Belgian brewer’s new Unfiltered beer. This time, the brand asked its agency Mother London to create more buzz around the product as it launches on draught in pubs and bars across the U.K.

The naked billboard will run in the vicinity of drinking establishments “to drive more awareness and talkability around the launch,” Mother creative Oli Rimoldi told Adweek. 

As with the first iteration of the campaign, the mural continues “the playfulness of incidentally covered nudity in higher impact locations,” Rimoldi explained. The nakedness is a blunt illustration of the beer’s natural qualities.

Graffiti Life created the mural and photographer Nick Meek shot the images.

Baring it all

To support the launch of its Unfiltered lager in retailers last year, Stella Artois’ “Au Naturel” campaign began with a TV spot that depicted a slow-paced European village where a naked bartender serves the beer to his patrons, who also go about their daily lives in the buff. Their private parts were obscured by camera angles and carefully placed props, including crates of beer and some greenery.

Mother London, Stella Artois

The accompanying print and out-of-home ads also showed people letting it all hang out while they performed everyday activities such as walking their dogs or playing chess.

Unfiltered lager is brewed without filtration, so the beer takes on a golden haze, and it has a higher alcohol content (5%) than Stella Artois’ original lager (4.6%).

While unfiltered beers have proven popular across Europe, they are still relatively new to the U.K. market and are seen as an area of growth. Budweiser Brewing Group, the U.K. and Ireland division of Anheuser-Busch InBev that owns Stella Artois, forecast that the super-premium beer category—which includes products such as unfiltered lagers—will be worth 65% of total beer consumption by 2025.


Client: Stella Artois
Brand: Unfiltered
Creative agency: Mother London
Mural creators: Graffiti Life
Photographer: Nick Meek (represented by Siobhan Squire)
Production company: Blindeye Films


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