Steel yourself for more of ‘The Simple Life’

In yet another example of the universe’s contempt for humanity, Reuters reports that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have agreed to do another season of The Simple Life. The show was canceled by Fox after three years, but was picked up by E!, which never turns down a chance to shove vapid celebrities in front of a camera. E! says the show will return for a fifth season in 2007. Of course, the two stars hate each other. They began feuding three seasons into the show for reasons that have never been explained. It got so bad that they “were kept separated—and in the dark about the other’s whereabouts—for a publicity junket arranged by E! earlier this year.” Frankly, these two attempting to actually kill each other would be a nice ratings draw. A debutante death match between two of the prettiest, richest, most useless celebrities on television? It would be huge. And once the dust settled, we’d be rid of at least one of them.

—Posted by David Kiefaber