State Street mans torpedoes in U-boat spot

Harrowing submarine scenarios and Das Boot riffs have become fairly common in advertising. The Gate Worldwide employs such deep-sea melodramatics for State Street Global Advisors to illustrate that folks should know what's going on inside their portfolios. Here's the twist: The turmoil's taking place inside a kid's bathtub sub. Sure, I sank the surprise ending for you, but we've never really been pals, have we? The kid here looks way too young to be investing in SPDRS, but I'm probably missing the point, as always. (Specsavers' U-boat is still the flagship example of this approach.) There's a second State Street spot, after the jump, with a doctor revealed as Jekyll. That's not much of a spoiler. With the misty Victorian setup and foamy lab potions, you wouldn't be expecting Dr. House. Though that would've been one hell of a reveal. And Hugh Laurie would kick ass in that role. Great idea, State Street!