State Farm’s Chaos Robot Now Stomps Right Up to Your Smartphone

Video campaign returns as an innovative iAd

State Farm's neighborhood-destroying alien robot is back after a successful run in 2011's "Chaos in Your Town" campaign from DDB, and this time it's coming right for you.

Using the GPS in your smartphone, a new iAd from State Farm lets you create a custom video of the robot stomping around your current location. As you can see in the video below, the resulting Chaos clip uses Google Streetview images instead of real-time augmented reality, so it's not quite as dramatic as it theoretically could be. But for something that's created through an ad rather than an app, it's a pretty impressive demonstration of what mobile ads are capable of these days. 

It's no surprise the insurer is bringing back "Chaos in Your Town," which racked up some pretty impressive numbers in terms of consumer engagement. After the jump, check out the interactive campaign's key stats provided by DDB.

In the first 10 weeks of the 2011 "Chaos in Your Town" effort, with a digital media spend around $700,000, the campaign:

• Garnered more than 900 blog mentions

• Saw more than 1 million user-generated films created

• Resulted in more than 200 million user-generated impressions


In the following 20 months, without any paid media support, the campaign went on to generate:

• More than 6 million additional user-generated videos, bringing the total to about 7 million films 

• More than 800 million user-generated impressions

You can still make a State of Chaos video for yourself on the campaign microsite.

Chaos in Your Town Mobile iAd Credits:

Agency: DDB, Chicago

Chief Creative Officer: Ewan Patterson

Executive Creative Director: Joe Cianciotto

Group Creative Directors: Barry Burdiak, John Hayes

Creative Directors: Bob Davies, Matt Christiansen

Art Director: Megan Sheehan

Copywriter: Melissa McCarthy

Director of Digital Production: Paul Sundue

Executive Producer, Digital: Carly Ferguson

Executive Producer: Scott Kemper

Account Director: Gladys Jeffrey

Account Supervisor: Heidi Frank

Production Company: B-Reel