Starbucks Tries to Make You Hate Mondays a Little Less

Animated U.K. spot celebrates the day's history

Starbucks is rebounding from recent image problems in the U.K. (something about tax payments, I think) with this ad for its Monday coffee special. The spot, from AMV BBDO, suggests Monday is actually a pretty good day, all things considered, because lots of important things happened on a Monday—the first moon walk, the first public elevator ride, the debut of movies in the U.K., and thousands of births, just for starters. "We limited our palette to things you'd find at a Starbucks shop," says Brand New School, which produced the spot. "Napkins, wooden stirrers, straws, corrugated sleeves and … oh yes, cups. Talls, Grandes, Ventis and don't forget those little cappuccino jim jams. Our cups ranneth over with fun as we shot it all in our new in-house stage."

The first production of Macbeth opened on a Monday as well, though it was plagued by tragic accidents—enough to spawn generations of goofy theater superstitions—so it's good they struck that one from the list. But that aside, Starbucks is right. Monday isn't so bad. Unless you're Garfield. Or Brenda Spencer.