Staples’ annoying ‘Wow!’ guy is here to stay

We recently linked to a list of annoying animated ad characters, but if you were to expand it to live action, you'd have to put Staples' "Wow, that's a low price!" guy near the top of the pile. McCann Erickson's first spot with the character was considered a big success (annoying-memorable and
not-annoying-memorable being essentially interchangeable in this business), and so of course now he's back for an encore, posted below. A third TV spot is on the way, too, and there's also an online-only clip (posted after the jump) in which the guy is seen annoying a colleague at work while shopping at You can't really begrudge the client for sticking with him, although perhaps there's a chance Jennifer Love Hewitt could replace him, now that she's admitted there's something about the office-supply chain that gets her all "hot and bothered."

—Posted by Tim Nudd