Sprint users always on, always out of touch


Goodby, Silverstein & Partners' campaign touting Sprint's "Everything Data" plan continues to phone in droll observations about the way folks communicate (or fail to) in our high-tech age. This latest spot in the amusing series is set at a family dinner table, and like previous efforts, important information—in this case, the fact that Mom's elderly parents are moving in—is shared via e-mails and texts. The traditional family-supper dialogue is deliciously subverted, as most of the actual talking (mainly from Mom in a pitch-perfect Stepford Wife drone) focuses on Sprint's rates and services, rather than the life issues at hand. Daughter: "You just e-mailed me that they're taking my room." Mom: "Do you want to tweet about it? I'll help you compose a tweet if you like." It scores as both parody and (perhaps unintentional) social commentary by presenting an exaggerated yet familiar, almost believable scenario. Today, the real communication increasingly takes place online, spoken conversation is becoming an extension of electronic interaction, and pretty much anything can be reduced to a tweet. See earlier spots from the series here and here.