Springfields battle for ‘Simpsons’ premiere

Simpsons_1 The Simpsons Movie will be getting some extra publicity in the Springfields of America this year, as Fox has asked 16 towns with that name to compete for the right to host the world premiere screening. The cities are being asked to send in video clips demonstrating their worthiness. (The Simpsons, of course, live in their own fictional Springfield.) Unfortunately, only half of the Springfields were invited—there are 32 total in the U.S. “I’m kind of disappointed that it’s not all Springfields,” says Dottie Chaffee of Springfield, Vt. “Like the show, we have a bowling alley, local pubs and manufacturing. We don’t have a nuclear power plant, but there’s one that’s close.” The film opens July 27.

—Posted by Tim Nudd