Spotify Thanks Customer With Custom Playlist Featuring a Secret Message

Gesture looks and sounds just about perfect

Here's a customer-service story that will be music to your ears. Someone on the Spotify team created a custom playlist yesterday thanking user Jelena Woehr for some positive feedback she gave the music service. The titles of the songs spelled out the message "Jelena/You Are Awesome/Thanks a Lot/For These Words/It Helps Me/Impress/The Management." The gesture was a big hit with Woehr, a community manager for Yahoo's Contributor Network. "Oh my god," she wrote on Facebook with a screenshot of the playlist. "Spotify customer care is ADORABLE." It's hard to tell whether this is a common thank-you trick for the Spotify team, but it's especially impressive in this case considering her first name isn't exactly common. "I'm still just mindboggled they found a song titled 'Jelena,' with the J and everything," she says. It's yet another example of how small gestures to customers can go a long way these days, whether you're fixing a broken cheeseburger for a girl with autism or replacing a boy's missing ninja.