Spoof Trailer Recasts Super Mario as Drugged-Out Loser

Video game icon gets the indie film treatment

Is there anything obsessive fans can't throw unwholesome amounts of dedication into? The spoof trailer below, which re-imagines Super Mario Bros. as a brooding independent film about drug abuse, seems to indicate no, there isn't. The opening line got a laugh out of me, and recasting Bowser as “some yuppie prick” in a green sweater is a definite highlight. I'm impressed by how much of the game's source material they were able to use without turning it into heavy-handed nerdbait that would alienate most viewers. One YouTube commenter really nails it with this description: "Fear and Loathing in Marioland." This clip's been kicking around since being featured as a "bumper" at the South by Southwest Film Festival, but it's new to me and worth a little pre-weekend love.

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