Spoiler Alert? Trailers Reveal 25 Minutes of 'Amazing Spider-Man'

Fan compiles clip showing 18% of film

Sony Pictures' relentless marketing engine for The Amazing Spider-Man was annoying before, but now its zeal is measurable. The studio has released a total of 25 minutes of content (18 percent of the film's 136-minute running time) through trailers, featurettes and the like. I know this because a member of the WorstPreviews.com community has edited all the released footage into a 25-minute, spoileriffic mega trailer that essentially tells the movie's entire story. At first I wasn't sure whether to congratulate or mock the guy who put this together, but anything that quantifies today's exhaustive, no-surprise-left-behind approach to movie advertising deserves some props. Excelsior to you, oddly named Internet denizen Sleepyshunk. Now go outside.