Spirits Are Sky High Around Jack Daniel’s Holiday Barrel Tree

A gift to Lynchburg, Tenn., from its most famous resident

Nothing says Christmas quite like a 26-foot-tall tree made of whiskey barrels. More than 100 white oak containers were used to create the tree, which is a "present" from Jack Daniel's to its hometown of Lynchburg, Tenn., and part of the whiskey maker's holiday campaign via ad agency Arnold. "We hope our barrel tree stands as a memorable way of wishing our many friends around the world a safe and happy holiday—and that they'll stand with us to gather in its glow," says master distiller Jeff Arnett. Hey, it beats a plastic candy cane filled with sample-size bottles of booze. The campaign includes a TV commercial (below), a socially minded holiday site and a Facebook game in which you can protect the barrel tree by hurling snowballs at bandits. After a few shots of Jack, that might be barrels of fun. Or not. Hope they're guarding the actual tree, lest some hammered yokels roll out a few barrels and send it crashing to the ground. Making-of video after the jump.