Spirit of ‘Cog’ Lives On in W+K’s New Online Game for Honda

'The Experiment' is all about chain reactions

The Experiment, an online game from Honda (via Wieden + Kennedy and B-Reel), channels the nameplate's famed "Cog" commercial of yore. But it's no exercise in nostalgia. Players are challenged to correctly position pop-up images to create on-screen "chain reactions." The goal is to experiment and discover what works, just like Honda engineers do. It's an elegant effort, cerebral and engaging, with visual panache. All that said … I hate this fricking game! OK, the blowtorch melts the ice, water drips through the funnel and onto the scales … why won't that damn balloon rise!? This is too hard. It's supposed to be a car ad, not Physics 101. I have an attention span of roughly six seconds (the quality of my AdFreak output proves this). When I play a branded game, I want to win as fast and with as little effort as humanly possible. How about I click on a car icon and "You win!" pops up? That would be a good chain reaction! Maybe throw in some bikini babes—they improve any car ad. What's more, that techno-ambient music makes me want to smash car windows with my head. It's mixed so loud in the "making-of" clip (posted after the jump), I missed half of what the Wieden creatives were saying. By the way, can any of them tell me how to reset my dashboard clock for standard time? I threw out the owner's manual so I could fit more sandwiches in the glove compartment. Via The Denver Egotist.