Spirit Airlines brings the paradise on board


Dave: Oh my god! Stewardess! Judging by that sun-kissed, palm-draped scenery outside the windows of this airplane, we’re heading toward tropical climes. Looks like the Bahamas! But I have to be in Pittsburgh for a meeting! Oh wait, I get it. Those sandy beaches, that azure sky—it’s all part of Arnold’s nifty campaign for the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, the one where they decorate the inside of the plane. Phew! I was worried.
  Stewardess: Yes, that’s some eye-catching, unconventional creative, all right. Unfortunately, it’s running exclusively on Spirit Airlines. This is JetBlue. Those are beaches and palm trees, sir. We land in Nassau in five minutes.
  Dave: What?! … Ah well, at least I won’t have to go to Pittsburgh. What a dump.
  Stewardess: I’m from Pittsburgh, sir. My dad’s deputy mayor.
  Dave: Well, it’s a great town. Why are you rolling your eyes? I thought these were the friendly skies?
  Stewardess: That’s United. And they’ve dropped that line.
  Dave: Hey, can I get your phone number? Why are you walking away so fast down the aisle?

—Posted by David Gianatasio