‘Spin’ Now Reviewing Most Albums in a Single Tweet

Magazine is done 'wasting people's time'

Figuring less is more, Spin magazine is moving most of its reviews to Twitter, where each album will be assessed in a single tweet at @SPINreviews. Senior editor Chris Weingarten says the decision is all about quality control and decluttering, adding that "the days of wasting people's time with 1,000 words about a record that we don't even think is good [are] over." Keep in mind that this magazine has been picking at Kurt Cobain's bones with bloated, falsely reverent tribute issues for well over a decade now. They're worse than Courtney Love. Anyway, my gut tells me this Twitter thing is really about generating publicity for their site redesign and saving money by not having to pay their writers for full reviews. Whether that's true or not, it's probably good that they'll be using Twitter for something productive, rather than trying to strong-arm the @Spin account away from the guy who's had it forever.