Spencer Gifts throws fake dog poo at Hulu

Let's face it, despite the high-minded stuff, the Internet is mostly about finding new ways to waste time. The new ComScore rankings brought this to mind with its list of the fastest-growing Web sites. For some bloggers, the big news was the meteoric rise of Hulu. Not so fast. Sitting above the NBC U-News Corp. video site as the No. 2 fastest-growing site is none other than Spencer Gifts, redoubt of whoopee cushions, fart spray and "fundies." It turns out traffic has spiked from 2 million to 5 million visitors per month in the space of a year. I fondly recall strolling the aisles of Spencer's in Plymouth Meeting Mall as an adolescent, certain that I had found nirvana tucked next to Chil-fil-A. Good to see Spencer's is taking over the Web.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey