Specsavers spoofs famous BBH ad for Lynx

Specsavers, the U.K. eyewear retailer known for its amusing adverts, created this enjoyable spoof (posted below) of the notorious "Billions" ad for Lynx body spray. See the original BBH spot here. In the remake, the guy still has the great arm-swirling spray moves—but he's a bit flabbier than the Lynx hunk, and his glasses stop the hordes of ravenous women dead in their tracks. That's the "Should've Gone to Specsavers Effect." Rattling Stick director Daniel Kleinman says: "It's interesting to try and satire an already humorous commercial. I wanted to make sure everyone knew which spot we were parodying with a few key shots and then take the mick. Of course, it would never work if the original was not a well known and excellent piece of work."

—Posted by Tim Nudd