Specialized Bicycles keep going and going

I’d never heard of Specialized Bicycles before, but they have some interesting advertising, including a podcast and a pair of comical short movies from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. (Click on the Ride-In Movies link to view.) In the first one, called Happy Entrails, a grinning animated dude rides his Specialized Stumpjumper FSR through the wilderness, gets attacked by a slew of animals but keeps going, and winds up all gouged open, on fire, and with some kids playing jump-rope with his intestines. The second film, Outlaw in Lycra, is less gross but also funnier. It shows an aerial view of a police car chasing a guy on a Specialized Roubaix bike down a highway. The running commentary is pretty amusing. The movies are best viewed on the Specialized Web site linked above, but you can also check them out on YouTube here and here.

—Posted by Tim Nudd