Spanish Soccer Magazine’s Ludicrous Loop Ads Put Dancing in Terms Men Can Understand

What's your excuse?

Good news, soccer-obssesed dudes—it turns out if you can kick the ball, you can dance too, at least, as long as you also have a little help from a film editor.

A set of ads from Spanish soccer magazine Libero takes on the idea that men can't cut a rug, by looping footage of casual soccer players doing warmups, feints, passes and other tricks in time with music.

Visually, the spots, created by Lola, are basically GIF montages. But overall, they do a nice job of wrapping the style into a clear message: that the publication covers culture—beyond sports—in terms football fans will enjoy. (The spots also fall less into the men-are-meatheads trap than the brand's relationship-talk spots from early last year, which are still plenty funny.)

Sure, the "Can-can" video is a touch corny (who wants to hear that song again, ever, even as a joke?). But the rock and techno clips all more or less nail the movements with panache (Cumbia looks great, too … we just can't call ourselves experts).

Of course, the ads might also be ruining a perfectly good excuse for the guys who were just being lazy. 

(Via Ads of the World)