Southern Comfort’s Comfortable Speedo Guy Is Now Your Personal Weatherman

Wherever you are, there he is

Southern Comfort's Speedo-wearing, Southern Comfort-drinking beach bum, who we had always assumed was underemployed, actually has quite the important and extensive job—giving weather reports to people in every city everywhere. Head over to to see the tan, rotund, exceedingly comfortable man standing against a backdrop of whatever weather is happening in your area—rain, snow, fog, wind, sun. (He is, of course, partial to the latter, but remains comfortable wherever he is—even in the current -4°F weather of Irkutsk, Russia.) The site is also accessible via mobile and tablet, says the agency, Wieden + Kennedy in New York. There are some 80 videos in all, many of them quietly hilarious. Yes, some show the man in his native habitat of the beach. But the site lets you check the weather in all sorts of locations, to see how the man deals with different environments. The character originally appeared in this famous spot from last August. That ad was so quirky, visually unique and fully realized, it's almost a shame to see the character elsewhere. But you can't begrudge the agency or client for wanting to get more mileage out of him. The tagline remains, "Whatever's comfortable."

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