'South Park' Bringing Cheesy Poofs to a Walmart Near You

In today's defictionalization news, South Park's famous Cheesy Poofs will soon be available for public consumption to celebrate the 15th season of the show. Thanks to a deal with Frito-Lay, 1.5 million packages of Cartman's favorite fattening snack will appear in Walmart stores next month. At $2.99 for just 2.375 ounces (what was wrong with 3?), you're paying a lot to stain your fingers with disgusting yellow gunk. But hey, overpaying is part of the branding fun! The Comedy Central show is also sponsoring a booth at Comic-Con that will be a replica of the South Park school cafeteria. They'll hopefully be expanding the campaign beyond that, because right now, The Simpsons's year-long 20th birthday extravaganza—which brought out KrustyO's and Buzz Cola, and turned 7-Eleven's into Slushie-slinging Kwik-E-Marts—is beating the cartoon pants off this Cheesy Poof deal. I think releasing a Cheesy Poof commercial like the one below would help.