Sorry guys, ladies don’t dig the throat hole

Recently, things looked bleak for our friend Ronaldo Martinez, aka the Throat-Hole Guy with the robot voice who can’t swim anymore. But now he’s back. He’s returning to his old job of doing ads in Massachusetts, after New York decided it had done enough to terrify its citizenry into quitting smoking. But it turns out Ronaldo’s work is not universally popular: Women don’t like his graphic display of the effects of smoking—swabbing the throat hole, for example. “Women want more encouragement—it’s the Oprah approach: ’Come on, sweetheart, you can do this,’ ” says Cathy Corcoran, communications manager for Massachusetts’ Tobacco Control Program. So Ronaldo is being joined by a more upbeat set of ads showing a woman who kicked her habit before losing her larynx.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey