Sony navigates by light of the power ballad

180 LA nails the power ballad in all its bombastic glory in this amusing video for Sony's in-dash navigation systems with Tom Tom GPS and advanced music technology. The ad rockingly informs consumers they can get route info and tunes in the same unit, with pitch-perfect (though hardly perfect-pitch), overly dramatic delivery of driving instructions. (I assume the car doesn't actually belt out which streets to take as the chords shriek and cymbals crash. More's the pity.) There are some awesome details, like the mournful echo/fade on, "You missed your turn, recalculating rouuute…" and the freeze-frame of the grungy singer with arms raised triumphantly and his falsetto flourish on "Your destination will be … on … your … riiight!" These guys should tour with the Fruit of the Loom band. Sony's got a second winning clip, posted after the jump, with a sultry R&B number delivered by a leggy girl group. I'd like directions to their place.