Sony Ericsson Gives You Even More Crazy-Awesome Kristen Schaal

Less creepy than back-alley thumb amputations, the recent Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY campaign includes five amusing spots from McCann Erickson staring Kristen Schaal. We wrote about the campaign before, but now Sony Ericsson has released some outtakes (the first video below). You may remember Schaal as bat-shit fan-girl Mel from Flight of the Conchords, or from The Daily Show, or from The Simpsons after they misspelled her name in the credits. Anyway, it's worth posting all the ads (see them after the jump). She manages to give off a similar nice/crazy vibe that Sony's Kevin Butler (Jerry Lambert) nails in the PlayStation 3 commercials, right down to the unthreatening business suit. Frankly, she's hilarious. She's also a good choice because Sony knows chicks dominate the casual-gaming market, which is a big money chunk of the mobile and handheld gaming craze. If they can turn women onto handheld shooters, which three of the four spots focus on, the potential for getting the same chicks addicted to the PlayStation console means a ripe, moist wad of money is just dangling from the tree of gaming. But by inviting women into the console and PC gaming world, they can't forget basic phone utility (which they mention in every spot) or kittens (which they mention in the only spot about fantasy RPGs: "Kittenliscious"). Well played, Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY. It never pays to forget the kittens.