Sony Canada hosts another ‘Ladies Night’

Ladies4_1 Until now, I thought the concept of “ladies night” was limited to bars that women would otherwise avoid without serious drink specials. But no. Here is Sony Canada with its very own “Ladies Night Out” promotion—the third annual, in fact. Last Thursday evening, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., the fairer sex was invited to visit any Sony Canada store to learn about electronics “and how it all fits together with style—without the male influences in their lives dragging them over to look at their favorite Sony toys,” according to the company. (The half-witted male influences, no doubt, were celebrating their own freedom that night by watching sports and drinking each other under the table.) This kind of promotion makes sense, though. According to a Sony rep, recent research indicates that women today account for some 70 percent of consumer-electronics buying decisions. (And by the way—no, this poster isn’t from Sony. It’s for a whole other ladies night entirely.)

—Posted by Tim Nudd