The Sonic guys finally get out of their car

Sonic Thank you, Marc Forster, for providing a little fodder for ad geeks (and AdFreak) in your latest film, Stranger Than Fiction. Sharp-eyed students of advertising will note that two of Will Ferrell’s IRS co-workers in the movie are the same actors, T.J. Jagodowski and Peter Grosz (shown here), who playfully banter in Sonic Drive-In’s long-running ad campaign. (Sonic apparently doesn’t put its commercials online, but it did respond to all the Sonic ad spoofs on YouTube by posting this humorous video with Jagodowski and Grosz.) In the movie, they’re the ones who quiz Ferrell about complex multiplication problems. They don’t play their characters from the ads, which would have been nice (sound of heads being slapped at Sonic), but it’s nice to see them up and walking around for a change.

—Posted by Aaron Baar