Something’s fishy in new Comcast spots

Mermen are extremely prone to strong emotions. Theirs is the deep mystery of the ocean, and the terrible fury of its storms. This is according to this merrmen Web site, which includes at least one humorous nerd-porn photo (safe-ish-for-work). In Comcast’s world, though, mermen are hipstery bowlers who discuss the company’s $99 phone/cable/Internet deal—while also pondering the question of how, exactly, they became mermen. (There’s pathos in those flippy tails.) In other new spots, the same two actors are made redundant by robots, trapped in a chaotic German submarine movie and suddenly huge in Japan. These ads kick the pants off what Time Warner Cable does in New York. The work is from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners; Traktor directs.

—Posted by Tim Nudd