Someone get Bill Gates some connections

You’ve got to feel sorry for Bill Gates over on LinkedIn. As of this writing Thursday morning, he has just three connections, despite being head over heels about the site. I’m guessing he rejected numerous link requests from Steve Jobs (all pranks comparing the iPod to the Zune) and Yahoo!’s Jerry Yang, who probably wanted to know why Gates never returns his calls (not to mention all the pleas for refunds on Vista!). I’m also somewhat suspicious of the résumé Gates posted. He’s held essentially the same job at Microsoft for 33 years! As a hiring manager, I’d be thinking: Why is this guy stuck in a rut? Does he rub co-workers, or perhaps government regulatory agencies, the wrong way? Actually, he also lists the Bill & Medlinda Gates Foundation, but that’s clearly padding and it just screams “self-employed!” Once he announces Microsoft’s LinkedIn investment or acquisition or whatever the hell he’s up to, I’m sure his popularity will soar. Oh, he lists reading, tennis and bridge as his personal interests. If he’s got an extra $100 million lying around, I’ve got a nice little suspension number in Brooklyn I’m looking to unload.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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