Someone get this baby a nice juicy T-bone

In my quest to ease tensions in the breast-versus-bottle wars, I believe I’ve found an answer. Surely we can all agree on one fact: This vintage Gerber ad is gross. (Click here to see the whole thing.) Yes, kids eat meat, but there’s something especially disturbing about this ad. Several things, actually. First, the idea of a kid actively craving meat is creepy. Second, one of the ad’s major selling points is that Gerber Meats were “low in coarse sinew.” Third, take a look at the bottom of the ad, where two babies are gawking like vultures at a group of unsuspecting farm animals. The modern incarnations of this baby-rearing necessity are the Gerber Graduates “Lil’ Sticks,” which tempt toddlers with three delicious flavors: turkey, chicken and “meat.” Hat tip to Presurfer for finding the vintage-ad pool containing this gem.

Posted by David Griner