Sofia Vergara, David Beckham Goof Off for Diet Pepsi

There's been a lengthy lead-up to this new Diet Pepsi spot (from TBWAChiatDay in Los Angeles) starring Modern Family's Sofia Vergara and soccer star David Beckham. First, Sofia showed up in a Diet Pepsi print ad, which people hated on for making her unrecognizable. Then, Beckham did one of those fake-sports-tricks videos for the brand that showed him kicking long balls on the beach—a clip notable mostly for the bystander's annoying reaction. So, now they come together for the bona-fide splashy TV commercial. And it's . . . kind of goofy? Sofia spots a girl drinking Diet Pepsi on the beach, then sees that the concession line is long—so she tweets that she just saw Beckham on the beach, which she didn't. Everyone in the line gets the tweet and freaks out—and for some reason all run off in the same direction. Sofia gets her soda, sits back down, and then of course Beckham appears, wondering where everyone was running off to. Got all that? It's a little confusing at the beginning, perhaps. Also, Sofia doesn't seem as charming as usual. But they did get one thing right—they limited Beckham's acting to about 1 second of screen time. Wise.