So long, Robert Jarvik, we hardly knew ye

Poor Mr. Robert Jarvik. I can’t call him Dr. Robert Jarvik, because he’s not actually licensed to practice medicine. Pfizer just pulled a Lipitor spot in which he wore a white lab coat and later appeared to row a small boat. Jarvik actually used a “stunt double” for the rowing scene. I can only hope he found the coat-wearing scene somewhat less taxing. I wish I could use a “stunt blogger” here on AdFreak, for days when I just don’t feel like writing, you know? Anyway, my advice to the folks at Pfizer is to take a few aspirin and chill until the whole thing blows over. I’m also not licensed to practice medicine, and therefore just as qualified as Robert Jarvik to dispense medical advice. (I could also row my own boat, but I don’t feel like it today.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio