So, How Did Brands Do With Their Oscar Tweets on Sunday?

Highlights from the usual real-time shuffle

Everyone and their personal brand logged on to social media on Sunday night to let their followers know how much better they are than movie stars. Meanwhile, actual brands spent the night unabashedly making it all about themselves—instead of throwing shade on celebs.

Some tried to have a real-time marketing moment, but among the flurry of thematic entries, most seemed preplanned. Check out some of their efforts below.


—From the red carpet:




—Lots of brands paid homage to Ellen's epic group selfie from last year:




—Farmers Insurance and M&M's were both thrilled by J.K. Simmons' win, as he endorses both brands (he's the voice of the Yellow M&M):



—PetSmart scored with this real-time tweet, after Birdman won Best Original Screenplay and one of the winners thanked his dog Larry:


—So many versions of the Oscar trophy, too:






—One brand even paid homage to the Emmy trophy, for some reason:


—Among the best of the rest:



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