Snoop Wants You to 'Pocket Like It's Hot'

Stoner legend remixes song for Hot Pockets

The newly christened Snoop Lion, the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg, is back and has remixed his 2004 hit song "Drop It Like It's Hot" into "Pocket Like It's Hot" for none other than Hot Pockets. The three-minute video from Threshold Interactive also stars YouTube sensation DeStorm Power, comedian/man-child Andy Milonakis, WWE superstar Brodus Clay, and Herbie Hot Pocket. It's billed as the hottest music video around, which isn't true, but they did put the pocket girls in hot pants and gave Herbie a smokin' hot leopard-print cape. It's also nice to see Hot Pockets embrace their status not only as the No. 1 microwave meat sock of stoners, but as the sort of food that causes you to run to the toilet and drop it like it's hot. Now, they just have to create limited-edition pimp pockets with a leopard-print microwave sleeve and pocket-size sunglasses.